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Nature In Buckets - Saving plastic buckets from dumpsters and landfills. A concept for the community of Kincardine and Bruce Country, Ontario, Canada by the Agro-Ecology Council - Save Eath Save Lives Int'l (NGO)


This is our online store where you can buy the best worms, from home-sheltered vermi-bins, fed with food scraps from the kitchen table !


Composting in the city - is all about recycling kitchen scraps into natures organic remedy using worms. Check it out ~


This is where we are . . .




Nature In Buckets




Fun with worms




Red Wiggler Compost Worms 1 lb Pkg. for Canada (Basic Reference Guide & Shipping Included)

Red Wiggler Compost Worms 1 lb Pkg. for Canada (shipping included)

Product Information

You are purchasing a pound (1-lb) of Eisenia Fetida or Red Wiggler composting worms for Canadian Destinations

One Pound Package - Price includes shipping, handling and basic reference guide

Best composting worms available. Mother Nature's little helper.

Best domestic "home-body" worm. Keep them fed and watered. They'll stay home in your bins, compost piles, or windrows.

We harvest and ship bedding and worms together to reduce shock.

One lb worms with about one lb of their own bedding.

One lb package of worms weighs approx. 2.5 lbs.

Worm ships usually the Wednesday after receipt of payment via Xpresspost.We recommend to prepare worm bins before having worms shipped to insure that worms do not arrive before their homes are ready. It's also the best time to jump start the learning curve before the worms arrive.

Key Benefits :
High growth rate Best composting worm.
They'll eat almost anything organic (no meat products).
We seen colorful castings from glossy magazines.
Great pets (OK a joke, but they can be). But, very domesticable.
Breaks down pathogens.
Our worms are stronger, healthier, and more active breeders than most.

Worms Shipped Wednesdays via Canada Xpresspost.

We will NOT ship worms during extreme hot or cold weather. We will wait until temperatures are more hospitable for worms before shipping. Worm shipping season starts from spring to fall.

Price includes shipping/handling & Basic Reference Guide




Product Code: REDS11

  Red Wriggler (Eisenia fetida) 1-lb. Package for Canada (Shipping and basic reference guide included). Price CAD$75.00  



European Nightcrawler (Eisenia Hortensis) 1-lb. Package for Canada (Shipping and basic reference guide included). Price CAD$75.00


European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis) - 1 lb. for Canadian Destinations Only



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