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Nature In Buckets - Saving plastic buckets from dumpsters and landfills. A concept for the community of Kincardine and Bruce Country, Ontario, Canada by the Agro-Ecology Council - Save Eath Save Lives Int'l (NGO)


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Composting in the city - is all about recycling kitchen scraps into natures organic remedy using worms. Check it out ~


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Nature In Buckets




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Here’s a concept in vermi-bin design that we are so happy to promote, as a project for local communities, schools, and people interested to venture into vermi-composting (or plain composting). It has at least twice the positive impact to our environment.

This cheap and eco-friendly way of composting saves empty plastic pails and buckets from landing into our dumpsters and landfills.


At the same time, the project helps you create a healthy source of nourishment for your plants, vegetables, and other crops in the  garden, or where natural absorbable nutrients for plant growth is required. It helps to save our taxes too.

If you would like to promote this idea, you can visit our Facebook page at, and to LIKE and SHARE it with your friends.

Or to visit our groups page at, and to LIKE and SHARE it as well with your friends, and help promote our common advocacy for human & environmental health.

We hope that you enjoy collecting these empty plastic containers from the community, as much as we do, for it gives us a chance to meet people and gain new friends at the same time.

Rene Quinquito
The Agro-Ecology Council
Save Earth Save Lives Int'l
BOX 856, Kincardine N2Z2Y2 ON CA


The NATURE-IN-BUCKETS project was started 20th November 2012, in Kincardine, ON N2Z2Y2 CA
and still ongoing to date. Email us for details.


Trace the bottom of the bucket or pail on scrap cardboard. Normally these plastic composters would have a hole, at the bottom, to pass the liquid leachate, or compost drippings. 


In this case, an inch or more of old cardboard were used to line the bottom. The cardboard will help absorb the excess moisture that will otherwise make the bed soggy and dripping.


The composter must breathe, and expel the heat that might build up inside. Here a soldering iron was used to make the vent holes at the top-sides. A hand drill will also do a good job.
Urban Composting -


Eggshells are made of calcium. Crush dried eggshells and place this above your cardboard layer. This is your acid buffer. Should your compost turn sour, the acid will dissolve the calcium from the eggshell, helping to bring it to a more neutral level.


I prefer to put just enough vermicast to cover this layer. Vermicast, from worms, is a natural deodorizer. You can also put soil to cover the layer, if you still don't have vermicast.


This next layer was made with dried leaves from last years autumn (garden or lawn trimmings will do just as well).


Sprinkle this layer with some vermicast too


Add some dried and crushed eggshells to naturally control the acid level and help keep the heap neutral.


The next layer is made up of old newspaper pages


The newspaper should help absorb wet, stale or soggy food leftovers. In this case, it was a vegetable, and fish noodle soup. It doesn't contain any oils, beef, chicken, pork or any other meat stuffs, except for fish.


Vermicast was sprinkled over to help absorb the dripping.


Some fruit scraps was later added onto the layer. You can add some dried crushed eggshells to this layer-pack as well.


Fold the sides of the newspaper over towards the center to close and make it into a "package".


Add vermicast to fill the empty pockets, and top this with a layer of leaves, lawn or garden trimmings


The leaves would help to control the ammonia that might build-up during the decomposition process.


Level the layer with vermicast and crushed eggshells to help keep the acidity level within tolerable levels. Eggshells contain calcium and is a natural way to control acidity.


All paper material types can be added into your composter.


Stackable composters from recycled plastic buckets and pails for the home and garden, provides you with natural nutrients for the growing requirements of your herbs, vegetables, ornamental plants and trees. It is also the most economical and natural way to rejuvenate the soil. 


These are some of our basic scraps from the yard and the home, that goes well with a vermi-composting project: eggs shells, fruits and fruit peelings, starch foods like pasta, potatoes or rice, leaves, old newspaper and all types of scrap paper-based materials, cartons, lawn and garden trimmings


The bins were opened 17 Mar 2013, photos were taken for documentation purposes, and was posted at 3:34:06PM of the same day.


Getting your worms and supplies from this site raise funds in order to help us continue & promote our environmental advocacies, and public service programs. All worm packages come with a reference manual, our personal assistance to help you succeed in vermi-composting, by email or phone, and our long-term friendship. Thank you for visiting Vermiculture Canada.
Stay healthy and Happy Composting !


European Nightcrawler (Eisenia Hortensis) 1-lb. Package for Canada (Shipping and basic reference guide included)


European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis) - 1 lb. for Canadian Destinations Only


  Red Wriggler (Eisenia fetida) 1-lb. Package for Canada (Shipping and basic reference guide included)  







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  Recycling and re-using plastic buckets and pails into stackable home composters started as a project for the community of Kincardine, and Bruce County, Ontario, Canada.  


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