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Nature In Buckets - Saving plastic buckets from dumpsters and landfills. A concept for the community of Kincardine and Bruce Country, Ontario, Canada by the Agro-Ecology Council - Save Eath Save Lives Int'l (NGO)


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This is our online store where you can buy the best worms, from home-sheltered vermi-bins, fed with food scraps from the kitchen table !


Composting in the city - is all about recycling kitchen scraps into natures organic remedy using worms. Check it out ~


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Nature In Buckets


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  Recycling with worms and related activities
(In this article you will see how easy it is to set up and maintain your own indoor family or classroom worm bin.)
  Vermiculture Recycling - A National Geographic Report
(Author Eulalia Palomo has studied herbal and alternative medicine and worked as a landscape artist and gardener. Palomo holds a Bachelor of Arts in liberal studies from Boston University, discuss temperature, bedding, and material)

    Discovering the world of vermiculture - (Vermiculture or sometimes referred to as vermicomposting is a clean odorless system or technique where food waste is processed into a rich fertilizer. Links & Tips)  

  The world of vermiculture and composting in books at Amazon.Com
(Amazon.Com provides an extensive collection of reference materials on recycling, organic gardening, vermicomposting and vermiculture both as a hobby and for profit.)
  Directory of Vermiculture Resources - Worms, supplies, & information
(This directory provides a listing of companies and individuals who are involved in the vermiculture or vermicomposting industry).
Baby Earthworm Emerging from Egg Capsule (Cocoon)
  The Benefits of Earthworm Castings - ("In the uptake of nutrients from the soil food web, sulphur is the catalyst for carbonchemistry, boron gives us sap pressure and silicon builds the capillary action that transports plant sap. Tips)  
(a collection of 35 photos, 238 days ago about setting up your own DO-IT-YOURSELF PLASTIC COMPOSTING BIN)






  The Benefits of Worm Castings, Compost and “Tea” (Centuries ago human kind learned that the flavor and beneficial essence of certain plants could be drawn from their leaves, bark and roots by steeping them in water.)  
  Earthworm Technical Papers (Classification, physiology, and importance. Excerpt: Earthworms are hermaphroditic, possessing both male and female internal reproductive organs. An annelid of the oligochaete class, the earthworm shows the well-developed segmentation that is characteristic of its phylum)  
  Articles and Features

The links below contain information about worms, vermi-composting, vermiculture, and other information related to organic and/or sustainable plant production and farming. It also contain links to online .PDF Manuals that you can download.
  Overview of Growing Earthworms - ("Bed temperatures, earthworm castings, good soil characteristics and tilth, earthworms in the garden and composting)

A worm that is our enemy ! - ("Esser (1981) discussed land planarians in Florida. He stated that in almost every month of the year specimens of grey to brown long flat worms with several dark stripes running down the back were submitted to the Nematology Bureau for identification and information concerning their biology.")

Indore Composting Method - ("The Indore Composing Method is an ideal system for preparing organic manure or compost which replaces chemical fertilizers to enhance crop-yield, without any ill side-effects, was developed by The Centre of science for villages, Magan Sangrahalaya, Wardha- 442 001, Maharashtra, India.")

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  The Blue Rose . . . Get your seeds from Amazon.Com and help support this online public service . . .
  Bin Concepts and Designs

Links to downloadable *.PDF Files and webpages


Nature-In-Buckets is
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Stay healthy and Happy Composting !


European Nightcrawler (Eisenia Hortensis) 1-lb. Package for Canada (Shipping and basic reference guide included)


European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis) - 1 lb. for Canadian Destinations Only


  Red Wriggler (Eisenia fetida) 1-lb. Package for Canada (Shipping and basic reference guide included)  






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